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Would you like to have more money in these trying economic times, or to reduce your living expenses, and still enjoy the RV Lifestyle?

The Caretaker Gazette newsletter brings you cartaking positions all over the world, some offering an exchange of your presence and light duties for a free campsite, others including an accompanying wage.

What are these caretaking positions? They range across the full spectrum of people needing help, positions such as gardening, housesitters while the owners are on extended leave or traveling, campground hosts and volunteers, working with either domestic stock or wildlife, taking care of landscaping for absentee land owners, handy-man maintenance and repairs for estates, pet sitting while the owners are traveling, acting as a security presence--and more.

My wife and I once served as caretakers on an old ranch that now lay on Forest Service land and was to be converted into a new visitor center. Our duties consisted of being a security presence to discourage teenage partiers and to keep the hummingbird feeders full. We also opened the ranch house when meetings or other functions were scheduled. For this we got a free campsite in a beautiful location with full hookups--and with terrific views of the valley below and lots of wildlife to enjoy.

This newsletter is a valuable resource for mobile RVers, fulltimers or part-timers, who are looking for positions that will enhance their RV Lifestyle as well as save them living costs and earn some extra bucks.

The Gazette comes out every three months in printed newsletter form, or you can subscribe to the online version where you have access to the newest listings as soon as they are offered--publisher Gary Dunn posts new listings several times a week. Or take both. The choice is yours.

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