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What Is This Site About?

You have stumbled onto the Web site of writers and photographers Bob & Lynn Difley, fulltime RVers, lovers of nature and the outdoors, hikers, runners, kayakers, swimmers, mountain bikers, bird and wildlife watchers, parents of five children, and grandparents to four.

If you are an RVer who feels that your life today should be one of sitting, watching TV, and other sedentary activities, maybe you’ve come to the wrong site. If, however, you feel that if at this moment you are entering one of the best times of your life, your kids are grown, you are starting to phase out your working life and you look forward to some of the best times of your life: RVing, traveling, and enjoying all that Mother Nature has to offer—then you have come to the right place!
Welcome. You have found the site for people who want to stay healthy and fit so that they can pursue those fun parts of life, especially since we have all waited so long. And we certainly don’t want to be hampered or slowed down aby a tired or unhealthy body.

We hope you will find within these pages answers to your questions or information that will help you to live healthy, eat healthy, play healthy, and stay healthy. When you click on the Fitness section (see list to your left) you will find a list of valuable hints, helps, and information designed to keep you out there and active. In the Eating Right/Fuel For the Body section you will find recipes, low fat cooking hints, how to choose the right foods, and how to read and understand package labels.
Exercises for strengthening your muscles, which help prevent injuries as well as enable you to pursue active activities, are in the Strength Training section. If you’ve ever strained or hurt you back, pulled a muscle, tore a tendon, broken a bone, or suffered an injury—either major or minor—head to the Setbacks & Breakdowns section for help in protecting the injured area and what measures to take for its rehabilitation.

Scientists have long known that the mind and body are inseparable, that they often influence or affect each other in ways we still do not quite understand. Go to the Mind-Body Connection to see the latest studies and findings from reputable sources like the New England Journal of Medicine and the Berkeley Wellness Institute.
H2O Workouts will suggest some ways to exercise in swimming pools, letting the water support you, reducing stress to your joints. Water exercises are excellent for rehabilitating tired or injured body parts, and for the overweight.

About Us:

Lynn Difley began teaching exercise classes forty years ago, before the coining of the term "aerobics" when classes consisted of varied forms of calisthenics. When the newly formed International Dance and Exercise Association (IDEA) established a certification program for exercise professionals, now the major training and certification body for the exercise and fitness industry, Lynn graduated from the first class. She is also certified with the American Council on Exercise (ACE), AEA, and Nautilus. Her monthly Healthy Living column appeared in Woodall's Publications and her Fitness on the Road column has appeared in Western RV News & Recreation. Her articles have also appeared in RV and general consumer magazines.

She taught exercise and fitness classes and Healthy Lifestyle seminars at the Life on Wheels RV Conferences and teaches at The Rally. She has been an evaluator and tester for Saucony, the athletic shoe manufacturer.

Bob was General Manager of Northern California for El Monte RV Centers, the nation's largest private RV rental company before choosing to become a fulltime RVer, freelance writer and photographer. Together they have written and photographed for several RV lifestyle magazines, including Motorhome, Trailer Life, Good Sam's Highways, Coast to Coast Resorts, Woodall's Publications, RV Journal, Western RV news, and Camping Today as well as general interest, seniors, and exercise and fitness magazines.

Bob also wrote The Green RVer and the Backroads & Boondocking columns for Western RV News, and taught nature appreciation, wildlife watching, and RV lifestyle classes at the Life On Wheels RV conferences and at The Rally.

Lynn and Bob traveled fulltime in their motorhome for seventeen years. In addition to their active outdoor lifestyle of mountain biking, hiking, kayaking, and swimming they follow a regular exercise regimen of aerobic activities, weight training, and flexibility.

The Healthy RV Lifestyle Web site was created in order to pass on to others their knowledge, pitfalls and highlights, and enjoyment of the RV lifestyle and how important it is to practice healthy living habits in order to stay active, enjoying the RV lifestyle to its fullest.

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