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The RV Lifestyle:

Reflections of Life on the Road

By Bob Difley with tripnotes by Lynn Difley

This 82-page eBook contains reminisences from more than 40 years as an RVer including 17 as a fulltimer. I have included the highlights as well as the inevitable problems, how we solved them, and tips on how you can avoid them--though it is all part of the RV adventure.

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I began tent camping as a Boy Scout and van camping as a young father and ended up working in the RV industry in rentals and sales, followed by writing and photographing articles for RV magazines, teaching RVing seminars, classes, and at rallies while living the ultimate dream of taking to the open road as a fulltime RVer.

After our last son entered college I retired, we sold our house, got rid of most of our stuff (no storage unit for us), and Lynn and I moved into our Bounder motorhome and set off on a two-year Explore America trip. After seventeen years we were still finding new places, new campsites, and new adventures. Where had the time gone?

We met great people, locals and RV travelers alike, resulting in life-long friendships. We found places we enjoyed so much that our "passing through" one-nighters turned into months. We've been stuck on a Texas Gulf beach with an incoming tide, surrounded by illegals on the Arizona/Mexico border, confronted by a drunken boondocker waving a gun, and sputtered out of propane on Christmas Day in the Arizona desert with a half-cooked turkey in the oven. And we also had a few not-so-good times.

This book includes some of these reminiscences along with the relevant take-away lessons we learned, so that you won’t have to--but probably will anyway--make the same errors. And that's all right. Life is lived for its experiences. I have highlighted those “Ah ha” moments with "Bob's RV Short Tips" that I hope you can use for a more enjoyable, satisfying, and fun RV Lifestyle.

Follow the directions below to order the eBook and have it downloaded in PDF format directly to your computer. And if you have any questions, don't hesitate to email me.


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I retired as regional general manager of one of the nation's largest RV rental and sales companies followed by seventeen years of fulltime RVing, where Lynn and I enjoyed hiking, kayaking, photographing, trail running, mountain biking, snowbirding, and boondocking whenever and wherever we could find a piece of Mother Nature's handiwork to camp.

My travel, destination, and nature articles and photos have appeared in MotorHome, Trailer Life, Good Sam’s Highways, Arizona AAA's Highroads, Coast to Coast, Woodall’s Regional Publications, Better RVing, RV Life, and RV Journal magazines. I also wrote monthly columns for Western RV News & Recreation ("Backroads and Boondocking" and "The Green RVer") as well as articles for general interest publications. I have been a seminar presenter at RV rallies and at the Life On Wheels RV Conferences, written blogs on the Web site, Camping and Boondocking on our Public Lands, and on RV Boondocking News, a blog of the RVTravel group, and have also presented interpretive programs for Arizona State Parks and the Lake Havasu City Public Library. I currently operate the Healthy RV Lifestyle website of RV tips, articles, and general RVing information, along with links to my current blogs and to my boondockbob Twitter posts.

Lynn began teaching exercise classes more than forty years ago, before the coining of the term “aerobics,” when classes consisted of a varied form of military-style calisthenics. She was in the first graduating class of the newly formed International Dance and Exercise Association (IDEA), now the industry recognized certification program for exercise professionals.

She is also a certified instructor with the American Council on Exercise (ACE), Aquatic Exercise Association (AEA), and the Arthritis Foundation. Her monthly Healthy Lifestyle column appeared in Woodall’s Publications magazines and her health and fitness articles have appeared in RV and general consumer magazines. She also taught exercise and fitness classes and Healthy Lifestyle seminars at the Life on Wheels RV Conferences and at RV rallies. She still teaches exercise and fitness classes, both water and land-based, as well as personal training for select clients.

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