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By Bob Difley

This 82-page eBook is packed with ways to save money on the road, includes photos, and is loaded with links to additional sources and information useful to anyone who plans to spend as much time on the road as they can afford--including fulltiming.

The book is broken down into chapters that organize money-saving ideas into logical categories, and integrated search enables finding these money-saving ideas easy.

Chapters include Camping, Travel, Food & Meal Preparation, Eating Out, Entertainment, Health & Fitness, Repairs & Maintenance, Communications, and Clothing, Household, and Gifts.

The Camping chapter alone has sixteen pages of ways to save on your campsite expenses, including many alternative camping options that maybe you haven't thought of or considered.

The Traveling chapter includes eleven pages of how to save money on the road between destinations, and the Food & Meal Preparation chapter shows you ways to cut your food budget while eating better, tastier, and healthier meals.

If this eBook helps with your personal finances in your travels and you save money, like the cost of just one night in a pricey RV resort, you will have saved the price of the eBook--twice over.

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Why be concerned with saving money? If you have it, spend it. Enjoy life. Don't stress yourself over rising prices, recessions, gyrations of fuel prices, dropping interest rates, a roller-coaster stock market, or sticking to a budget. On the other hand, you might think you have to win the lottery, write some cool social media software and sell it to Google, or receive a nice plump inheritance from your Aunt Tilly before you can enjoy the RV Lifestyle.

So first, let me make one simple point:

You don't need lots of money to enjoy the RV Lifestyle.

If your life focused around activities other than accumulating financial wealth, around your family, your kids, doing good for your community, then you are rich in those life experiences instead.

Think of your RVing life this way: It is often easier to save a dollar than to earn it. When you save a dollar you do not have to keep a record of it, report it, or pay taxes on it. And remember, as a freewheeling RVer, you always have choices of how, where, and when to spend your dollars. You will learn more about where you can save these dollars in the 111 Ways that make up the meat of this book.

This book was born out of my years in the RV industry, 17 years of fulltiming, seminars and classes I taught, and from the many people that I have talked with about RVing. One of the consistent questions that comes up, especially to those who are considering fulltiming, is what it costs. And my answer, in almost every case had to be, "It depends."

It depends more on who you are, what your needs are, and your interpretation of the RV Lifestyle. Whether you are a retired couple living entirely on your social security check, among the not-yet-retired that travel from job to job, or seasonal workers that RV in the off season, you will find here 111 Ways to stretch a dollar.

Many of you would not want to live an RV Lifestyle in less than a 40-foot diesel pusher, staying at the finest RV resorts, and whose lifestyle doesn't include boondocking in the wilds without hookups. It's entirely your decision whether your quality of life needs include a wide screen TV, built in washer/dryer, internet satellite system, and a Ferrari towed behind your wheeled palace--or whether your RV Lifestyle is more modest.

The reality that you must face--that will determine what it will cost--is to first figure out what is important to you, what you can live with and what you can do without, whether you can substitute hikes in the woods for expensive theme parks, cooking most of your own meals instead of eating out, and boondocking often instead of shelling out for full-service campgrounds.


To read more of 111 Ways, click here.

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BOB DIFLEY, when he had a real job, was general manager of Northern California for El Monte RV Centers, a national RV rental and sales company. Since then, he became a fulltime RVer for seventeen years, and is a writer, photographer, hiker, kayaker, runner, mountain biker, snowbird, and boondocker. His travel, destination, environmental, and nature articles and photos have appeared in MotorHome, Trailer Life, Good Sam's Highways, Coast to Coast, Woodall's Regional Publications, and RV Journal magazines. He wrote the Backroads & Boondocking and The Green RVer columns for Western RV News & Recreation, as well as articles for general interest publications.

He writes a weekly blog for, an affiliate of the Affinity Group, and for RV Boondocking News, a blog of and He is a seminar presenter at RV Rallies and for ten years taught seminars and classes at the Life On Wheels RV Conferences. He also has been an interpretive program presenter for Arizona's Lake Havasu State Park and for Lake Havasu City Library. He and his wife, Lynn, spend their free time exploring the nation's deserts, mountains, shores, forests, national parks, and wildernesses.

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