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Health and Fitness

Whether you are a senior, fulltime RVer, or are soon to retire and go RVing, you need to have the right Health Insurance plan to fit your RV Lifestyle. Get the FREE information you need to make the right decision here.

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Boondocking: Try it out

To practice RV boondocking try dry camping first, in a location where if you have questions or problems, help is close by. As you grow confident, camp further from RV services and help, into remote, pristine, solitary, and wonderfully quiet, private campsites. Read more.

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Boondocking ebook

This ebook is the result of my more than 45 years of RVing, ten of which I spent in the RV sales and rental business, sixteen as a fulltimer, fourteen as a freelance writer and photographer for RV magazines, and ten as a seminar leader and class instructor for RV events. I spent a great many of those days dry-camping or boondocking without the water, electric, and sewer hook-ups offered by campgrounds and RV resorts. Read more.

Property Caretaking = free camping

Absentee and traveling property owners need reliable people to look after their property while they are gone, whether it is estate managing, gardening, feeding the pets, or just being a security presence. And you and your self-contained RV are the perfect match. The Caretaker Gazette can show you how and provide listings of those needing caretakers. Read more.

eBook - 111 ways for RVers to save money camping and on the road

You do not need a lot of money to live the RV Lifestyle. Think of your RVing life this way: It is often easier to save a dollar than to earn it. When you save a dollar you do not have to keep a record of it, report it, or pay taxes on it. And remember, as a freewheeling RVer, you always have choices of how, where, and when to spend your dollars. You will learn more about where you can save these dollars in the 111 Ways that make up the meat of this book. Read more.

RV Road tour - Gila Bend to Organ Pipe National Monument

Few roads cross this vast Arizona desert from north to south, linking the popular snowbird areas around Phoenix, Casa Grande, and Tucson, to the border with Mexico. One such road leaves the narrow world of cross-country travel on Interstate 8, endless strings of 18-wheelers and passenger cars, and heads south into another world where time is measured by the seasons. Read more.

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eBook - RVing guide to snowbirding in the southwestern deserts

All four of North America's deserts lie in the Southwest between the Rocky Mountains and the Sierra Nevada. As a snowbird, I've traveled, hiked, and camped in all four, and this ebook provides a guide to the desert's unique flora and fauna, its hidden oases, Wild West history of mining and ghost towns, It will also show you where to camp, from luxurious RVĀ resorts to free boondock camping on BLM land, and where to go and what to see. Read more or buy

RV Accessories StoreRV Accessories store

My new Amazon RV Accessories Store brings all Amazon's RV Accessories to one location on my Store page. You will check out at Amazon, paying the same prices as if you went directly into Amazon, and the small commission I make will help to pay the expenses of maintaining Healthy RV Lifestyle. I thank you for your support.

Take a journey back through time

Fasten your seatbelts. Prepare for a journey back through time, one much like H. G. Wells's classic 1895 novel, The Time Machine. We will rewind the clock to a post-revolutionary New England village and experience first hand how America's original citizens lived and worked. So climb into your own time machine--your RV--push a button or two and steer it for Old Sturbridge Village in south central Massachusetts. Read more.

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JUST FOR FUN: Creative interpretations of the RV Lifestyle

Creative RV wanabees have converted every conceivable type of vehicle into living quarters, but a garbage truck? Check it out.

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